Spatz & Co. Showband

Welcome to the website of Spatz & Co Showband.

Spatz & Co Showband is unique. It is a band of carefully selected musicians, all bandleaders in their own right, with varied musical and performance backgrounds, who were brought together on the precept that bandleaders tend to be multi- intrumentalists, established soloists and strong stage performers.

Band members are individual specialists in numerous musical genres, from Big Band to Rhythm & Blues, from Pop to Jazz, from Latin to Funk, from Swing to Soul, from Rock & Roll to Classical. The range of music covered within a show is wide and deliberately varied, always leaving the audience wondering what might come next and always wanting more.

As the title “Showband” suggests, the band is a band for shows, with theatre and stage being the preferred gig venues, where audiences are respectfully attentive, responsive and appreciative.

Every show is carefully structured with a theme and around an expected audience profile, and with some 20 plus instruments featuring within a normal 2 hour programme, variety of sound and musical treatment becomes a feature of performances.

Uniquely designed stage sets and relevant visually attractive production aspects together with defined lighting specs, are also brought in to the equation meaning “concerts” become “shows” in the true theatrical sense.

Duos, Trios, Quartets, Quintets & Sextets

We appreciate that certain occasions simply don't warrant a full Showband style show. Spatz & Co comprises a group of professional musicians and performers who can play in various band formations geared to the occasion and budget.

From a Jazz Trio to a Function Band of four or five - from a small lounge Duo to a Showband of seven or eight or more. When you hire a Spatz & Co band, you hire more than a quality sound and top class musicianship, you hire a service that caters to your specific entertainment requirements and works hard to protect its own reputation - and that only comes from "leaving you wanting more".
Photography by James Bennett Studios, Emma Martin and David Gillan
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