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Our music spans 60 years from the late 1920’s to the 80’s, a period that was collectively so very rich in terms of melody, but also in terms of the musicianship of both writers and performers - indeed almost all of today’s popular music can be traced back to the influences that came out of that era.

Swing tempos, Big Band standards, Blues favourites; the best of melodic ballads, instrumental classics, Latin and Funk tempos and rhythms, Pop hits by the greatest singer-songwriters, – all played with style, a sense of theatre and fun, and an obvious love of performance!

In November 2015 following a series of “Feelin’ Good” Concerts, the band went in to the recording studio and recorded some of the most popular numbers from those shows. The album “Unleashed” was the result.

Here are a few short extracts from Unleashed

Photography by James Bennett Studios, Emma Martin and David Gillan
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